Player: lebchen

Lebchen is one of the founding fathers of the minecraft server. Lebcen is very fond of lappis lazuli block.

lebchens buildings

Mushroom house
Modern city
The kings place
The princess hall
Functional village

lebchens statistics

The gathering of these statistics started 3rd of November 2011, well over a year and a half after the server was created.

Online: false
Last login: Fri Nov 18 2011 15:05:13 GMT+0100 (CET)
Destroyed blocks: 33498
Placed blocks: 36178
Killed mobs: 297
Killed players: 0
Deaths: 51
Dropped items: 958
Meters traveled: 249838
Playtime: 63.70 hours

Last modified: 18.02.2012
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