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This is the wiki belonging for the minecraftstuff.net minecraft server. The wiki functions as a combination of a show off of all of our cool stuff, internal documentation for players, and a general collection of tips, tricks, tutorials and ideas regarding minecraft.

Wiki access

Only players active on the server will be given write access to this wiki. Read access is granted to the whole wolds, except for a few private internal pages.

Access to the server

The minecraftstuff.net server is a private server. Anybody can log on to the server and view our creations, but only a select few are granted build-access. There are two ways you can gain build access: You have to known one of the existing players enough that they are willing to sponsor your membership. Or, if you don't know any of us, you can sign up for an account on minecraftstuff.net and contribute enough to the site to unlock the “Server access achievement”.


As of now, the server has one world, with a belonging nether world. Previous worlds are not available to play in, but map of the old creative world is found here and map of the old survival map is here.

Note that these maps have now been discontinued as they no longer exist in any form other than backup files.

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