Technical stuff about the server

Texture packs

Everything on the server is expected to be built to look good using the vanilla texture pack. Feel free to use any texture pack you like, but please don’t make builds that require a specific texture pack to look good.


One of the plug-ins used on the server offers warping features. This allows users to move to specific locations by command. For instance, if a warp point is named x the command /warp x will instantly take you to the location it is related to. Since we don’t want to clog up the server with millions of warp points, we have a naming convention for warp points.


First off, only cool places should have warp points. There is no need to set a warp point on top of a tree, above lava or in some other stupid location. Hence, all regular and permanent warp-points should be located in: * A populated place, ie. something has been built there. * A practical place, for example a sand quarry. Of course there is a need for temporary warp points. There are two different types of temporary warp points. A temporary warp point used to mark a cool or practical location we would like to build something at in the future should be denoted with _ as a prefix. Further, any temporary warp points used for personal traveling, for instance during spelunking, must be denoted with __ as a prefix. Such warp points may be deleted at any time, without any warning. Finally we are building a new huge storage facility that will replace our ad-hoc chest rooms. This facility will have a single room for each item and block type, and each room will be accessible by warp access only. These warp points will be denoted with - as a prefix. Thus when you, for example, need to restock on coal, or need to deposit some coal, you use the command /warp -coal. Any warp points not following the above conventions will be removed.

Last modified: 26.03.2012
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