This is our market for storing, and trading goods of all kinds. The market is a huge project, that when completed will contain a separate room for each and every block and item in Minecraft. Each room is only accessible by warp.

  • Don’t be greedy. I.e. you must help gather as much resources as you take.
  • Never put crap in chests. I.e. only fill chests with items that belong in the room you are in. Dumping other items is limited to temporary chests in other locations.
  • Chests get filled from the ground floor and up. Chests get emptied from top floor and down.
  • Don’t take items from a full chest if a partially full chest exists. Always use the active chest
  • If all the chests are full, build a new floor (carbon copy of the existing floors) on top and fill it with chests, workbench and furnaces.
  • If the item you want to deposit doesn’t have a room yet, either build a new room and make a warp point for it, or use temporary chests elsewhere. Warp points follow the naming convention -nameofblockoritem.

Active chest

Each room has one designated active chest. This is the chest you should take goods from, or place goods in. When an active chest is full, the next chest clockwise is the new active chest. If the active chest is empty, the next chest counter-clockwise is the new active chest. When all chests are full in one floor, keep filling the next floor up. When all chests in one floor are empty, keep taking goods from the floor below.

We will try to keep the warp location for every block/item pointing at the active chest. This will, however, not always be the case. The way to look for the active chest is:

  • If one chest has goods, but are not full, this is the active chest.
  • If there are both completely full and completely empty chests on one floor, the first empty chest clockwise from a full chest is the active chest.
  • If all chests are full on one floor, check for the active chest on the next floor up. If no such floors exist, build a new.
  • If all chests are empty, just pick one at the floor below. If this is the lowest floor, help fill the chests up again.

List of rooms and warp points

-stone -bone -stonebrickslab -woodslab
-brickslab -cobblestoneslab -stoneslab -mossycoblestone
-dirt -sign -cobblestone -gravel
-iron -gold -pumpkin -coal
-egg -sugarcane -wheat -cacti
-watermelon -stew -vine -oakleaf
-dandilion -rose -redmushroom -brownmushroom
-oaksapling -pinesapling -birchsapling -wheatseed
-melonseed -sandstone -sand -plank
-birchwood -sandstoneslab -ladder -fence
-track -mossystonebrick -inksack -flint
-bonemeal -stick -arrow -obsidian
-zombiemeat -trapdoor -gunpowder -ironaxe
-shears -ironpickaxe -redstone -bucket
-minecart -woodenstairs -glasspane -glass
-stonebrick -pineleaf -birchleaf -string
-saddle -cobblestonestairs -brickblock -stonebrickstairs
-irondoor -furnace -diode -leather
-rawchicken -rawporkchop -ironbars -brick
-slimeball -musicdisc -woodendoor -feather
-rawbeef -redstonetorch

Last modified: 18.11.2011
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